In order to maintain our highest quality standards, we accept samples for core testing (hematology, chemistry, endocrinology, urinalysis) from only the following species: dogs, cats, horses and other domestic hoofstock (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, llamas, alpacas), rabbits, and ferrets. Exotic species samples are accepted, but are generally analyzed at a third-party specialty laboratory.

For microbiology and parasitology testing, we accept samples from all species, except nonhuman primates.

For cytopathology, air-dried slides are accepted from all species. Liquid samples are accepted for all species except non-human primates.

For histopathology, formalin-fixed samples can be accepted from any species. Non-formalin fixed whole bodies or heads are not accepted from any species.

Fresh, non-fixed samples from non-human primates will not be accepted for any test. For these species, tissue for histopathology must be formalin-fixed and slides for cytopathology must be air-dried or alcohol-fixed.

Submissions ordered for in-network testing that cannot be accommodated due to our species policy will be referred to a third-party specialty laboratory or returned to you with associated charges applied.

To view invoices and statements or pay online, go to: Zoetis Reference Laboratories billing questions, call 1-888-965-9652.

We make it easy to add tests to samples you’ve already submitted. Simply call customer service at 1-888-965-9652. Or, if you order your tests electronically, you can add a test through ZoetisDx or via PIMS.

Pressing medical needs, client preferences, and the ability to initiate medical treatment earlier are key reasons why turnaround times have become more important than ever in veterinary diagnostics.
Our turnaround times reflect this new reality, ensuring you have the results you need, when you need them.

Ref Labs Turnaround Times Ref Labs Turnaround Times Ref Labs Turnaround Times

Our goal is to ensure that published turnaround times are met and results are delivered as quickly as possible. Turnaround times for routine testing do not include Sunday. Turnaround times for pathology testing do not include Saturday and Sunday. If the quality of a sample we receive prevents us from producing quality results within our promised turnaround time, we will notify you. Examples include samples that are damaged, contaminated, incorrectly preserved or packed, and samples that do not meet volume requirements. Once a specimen is delivered, we assume any risk of loss or damage. We reserve the right to reject any specimen likely to pose an unreasonable health or safety risk to our lab staff.

Some tests in our directory are not performed at Zoetis Reference Laboratories. Turnaround times for these tests are dependent on the third-party laboratory that processes these tests.

After testing is completed, we retain biological specimens as follows:


Retention time

Nonfixed biologic specimens (eg, blood, urine, feces)

1 week

EXCEPTION: citrated plasma in -20°C

2 weeks

Blood smears

3 months

Cytology slides

6 months

Histopathology specimens – wet tissues

1 month

Histopathology specimens – FFPE (formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded) tissues

Minimum 3 years

Histopathology slides

Minimum 3 years

Samples that cannot be processed in a manner that upholds our quality standards may require additional attention or, in some cases, may be rejected. In the event that we receive such a sample, we will attempt 
to contact you. Examples of suboptimal samples include: lack of clear patient identifying information; damaged or leaking containers; inadequate volume for testing; incorrectly preserved samples; and contaminated samples.

We want to reward you for being a loyal customer of Zoetis Reference Laboratories. That’s why we created our Employee Pet Testing Program. Eligible customers can receive up to 10% of their monthly spend in free employee testing. For example, if a customer spends $3,000 per month in Zoetis Reference Laboratories tests, they are eligible to receive $300 in employee pet testing. Any amount of Employee Pet testing sent in that exceeds 10% of their spend will be billed fully.

All existing customers who are eligible and meet the criteria will be automatically able to participate in this program. Any new Zoetis Reference Laboratories customers will be automatically enrolled in the program for 90 days. Customers can indicate that a test is for a staff pet by checking a box on the printed PIMS form labeled “Employee Pet”.

Who is eligible?

  • Any new or existing customer who spends a minimum of $2,000 per month with Zoetis Reference Laboratories. If a customer’s monthly spend drops below $2,000, they are dropped from the eligibility list the following month.
  • OptimizeDx customers are not eligible.

At Zoetis, it is a priority to provide our valued customers with pricing transparency. A monthly $50.00 fee will be applied to customer accounts spending $500 or less per month with Zoetis Reference Laboratories.

If you have questions about this fee, please reach out to your Zoetis representative or contact customer service. You can also ask them for more information about programs that can help you avoid the monthly fee.

Zoetis values your trust and respects your privacy. The resources on this link will help you understand how we use your personal information and how you can manage your privacy choices.

To view the full Zoetis Privacy Policy, visit

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